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New trend of tires in the future from the perspective of new

In the past 2020, major vehicle factories and technology giants have brought forward mobile travel trend and pushed new energy vehicles to a new height at various exhibitions.

In the past 2020, major vehicle factories and technology giants have brought forward mobile travel trend and pushed new energy vehicles to a new height at various exhibitions.
Take the Expo as an example, the auto exhibition area is called the New Energy Automobile Museum by many media.
From the eye-catching concept vehicles of e-palette and LQ in Toyota stand to the sport hybrid system of Honda "infinite approach EV", we can see that the electric vehicle has become the future of the joint planning of the car companies.
The development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a big auto country to a powerful automobile country. The latest "14th five year plan" has listed new energy vehicles as one of the nine strategic industries. The new energy vehicle production and exhibition plan (2021-2035) issued recently clearly adheres to the strategic orientation of pure electric drive.
According to the data of the China Automobile Association, from January to November 2020, China sold 1.19 million new energy vehicles, an increase of 3.9% year-on-year.
In November, 200000 new energy vehicles were sold in the same month, up 24.1% on month, up 104.9% year on year.
Therefore, the major car enterprises have also increased the research and development of new energy models.
When the vehicle has removed the fuel engine and replaced the battery components and electric motor, the tire, as one of the key parts of the vehicle, has become an important component that affects the process of electrification.
The manufacturers of tires need not only to provide stable, safe and good performance tyres for the whole vehicle factory, but also follow the trend of new energy, have the ability to integrate advanced technology and provide more forward-looking special tire products.
Take the weight of electric vehicles for example, because of the additional battery pack, the weight of the whole vehicle is heavier than that of the fuel vehicles of the same size. Therefore, the tyre of electric vehicle must adopt reinforced structure to bear additional weight, and also ensure the small rolling resistance to maximize the efficiency.
After a study of consumer preferences and environmental benefits, Bridgestone designed a special design for carrying aolujie ® Green song company of Technology ®( ECOPIA ®) Energy saving series tires, and have been adapted to BMW I3 electric vehicles.
The width of this kind of tire is narrow, which can reduce rolling resistance and air resistance, effectively improve the efficiency of the car and increase the mileage.
At the same time, the noise reduction of tires is more important because the noise of electric vehicles is lower than that of fuel vehicle engines. Bridgestone's green song companion ® Ep850 tire can reduce tire noise by optimizing the combination of shoulder pattern design.
In addition, with the development of 5g technology, major car companies are deploying new energy vehicles, and accelerating the development of automatic driving technology.
A few days ago, the general office of the State Council officially issued the "new energy automotive industry development plan (2021 - 2035)". It was proposed that by 2025, highly automatic driving vehicles could be commercialized in restricted areas and specific scenarios. Strive to achieve 15 years of continuous efforts, the highly automatic driving vehicles to achieve large-scale applications.
In order to meet the needs of self driving cars, tire manufacturers also need to use advanced sensor technology, intelligent diagnosis technology and data analysis technology to innovate the tire.
Bridgestone t&dpaas was proposed by Bridgestone this year ®”, The company has integrated its high-quality products, services and global service network and digital technology. Under this strategy, a new tire sensor named smart strain sensor has emerged.
It uses Internet of things technology to help measure the tension of moving tires when contacting the ground, and becomes the first sensor to use the technology. At the same time, for safety reasons, autopilot cars are required to drive at low speed. Unlike the accelerometer, the smart strain sensor can record data even at low speeds, which is very suitable for self driving cars.
China may become the leader in the production of new energy vehicles. In this changing change, the role and role of tires in it cannot be ignored.
Thus, Bridgestone also released a new global brand slogan this year - "solutions for your journeytm", which announced the long-term development goals to the world. In the future, Bridgestone will continue to cultivate the Chinese market, adapt to the trend, and strive to help the high-quality development of China's new energy automobile industry through breakthrough of key technologies and drive industry innovation.